Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Rhythms

Here are some Easter Rhythms you can use with your students.  There are 40 eggs and 8 wild duck cards.  You may print them at  

Here is how I use them...
1. Pass out eggs to students
2. Have the students find other students that have the same spring word and rhythm
3. The student partners then have to read their spring word and clap and name their rhythm
4. Scramble the eggs, and then they need to find words that go together like…...“jelly bean”, or
Easter egg, or green grass
5. Scramble and repeat

All fonts and graphics are from

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bug Me

Here is another fun music game called "Bug Me."  There are a few differnt ways to play the game.  One is a file folder game, and another game uses a dice and worksheet.  Here is the link to print.

Hope you enjoy!  Christina

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pizza Composing

Hello Music Teachers and Friends,

For my first post I am sharing a music composing lesson I have put together.  It is called Music Composing with Pizza Fractions.  There is a cover for the pizza box, 18 pages of music notes and rests, and a worksheet the students can fill out when they are finished composing.  I will be sharing all of my files publically through google docs.  No sign-in is required.  If you already have a free membership to google docs please send a request to join my music teachers user group.  All members of the group can share files.  I can be contacted at   The link for you to print the PDF is  

Like most of the activities I will be posting on this site the graphics are from Lettering Delights.  I have used the graphic set Pizza Man and the font LD Brownnose.  I have a school teacher membership and may share things I create for free with you as PDF’s thanks to Lettering Delights.  The music notes and rests on the pizzas were created by using the font set MusiSync made into pictures using Word Art.  Hope you enjoy this "Made for Music Teachers" activity.    Thanks for visiting my blog, Christina

Here is a sample pizza from the set.